Summary of class 2, 27/10Samenvatting les 2, 27/10

This summary is for the afternoon session in Amstelveen.

This was another training that was led by Fukuyama-sensei. The content of the training was very similar to that of last training, but this time there was a lot more focus on shiai techniques. Fukuyama-sensei again stressed the necessity to make all your hits an ippon. Herbold-sensei was also present for this training.

After the warming-up that was conducted by Onno-sempai, with the absence of Kiwa-sempai, kihon for the adults started with another long series of kirikaeshi exercises, followed by a similar men exercise as last time:

  • Kirikaeshi
  • single-breath (fast) kirikaeshi
  • Men uchi, big or fast, the decision was up to you.

The explained points for this time’s kirikaeshi were mostly the same as last training. This time he also added that when doing fast kirikaeshi, you should still try to make big swings in order to keep your shoulders relaxed. He also told us we shouldn’t pull our shinai too far behind our backs. Ideally the shinai should not drop below your head.

He also told us that when we strike the normal men during kirikaeshi, we should refrain from making correctional steps with our feet before we make the hit. After you do the sayuu-men strikes you should end up in a proper kamae, especially with your feet. Then you can immediately strike the normal men, instead of first having to make all these little correctional steps.

Then the class was split up in 2 groups, one group to do more kihon and another to do shiai training. The following is a summary of the exercises of the shiai group:

  • Men taisuru oji waza
  • Kote taisuru oji waza

These 2 exercises were basically oji waza (nuki, kaeshi, uchiotoshi and suriage techniques) against men and kote respectively. The object was to come up with your own response to the motodachi’s men attack.

  • Hiki men
  • Hiki kote
  • Hiki dou
  • Tsuki
  • Mawarigeiko, rounds of 30 seconds, and you could stop if you scored an ippon before that time.

When doing hiki techniques make sure to point your shinai upward to joudan vigorously enough in order to be able to move backwards quick enough.

At the end of the training everybody joined in for jigeiko. At this point in the training Vitalis-sensei also joined in.

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