The holiday season

Hi everyone! I hope you are well!┬áIt’s december again, so it’s time for the holidays. As always that affects our dojo’s goings-on in a few ways.



Because of the holidays our dojo will be closed on the following dates:

  • 24th of december: Amstelveen closed
  • 28th of december: Almere closed
  • 31st of december: Amstelveen closed
  • 4th of january: Almere closed


Farewell drinks

Unfortunately the Tomokio family will be leaving us for now. We would like to send them off in style, so we’re having farewell drinks on the 14th of december after class (at 18:00)



Like every year, we’ll be holding our New Year’s buffet. This time it’s on january 11th. From 18:00 onwards we’ll share a nice meal to ring in the new year.

The buffet is “pot luck”, so please bring a nice meal to share. Don’t focus on desserts please, as we always have more than enough of those ;)

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