Student statistics

Here’s a bunch of interesting statistics, for the first half of the ’12-’13 season.

  • The average participation of all members (whose names are on the attendance roster) for classes in Amstelveen is ~27%.
  • So far we have had 48 trainings.
  • Everyone in the top 5 has an attendance record of over 80%: Roelof, Machi, Mike, Onno en Zicarlo.
  • Everyone in the top 5 has at least two months of 100% attendance. The only one with at least two months of full attendance, but below 80% is Machiko at 79,17%
  • Roelof-sensei has missed only one training and has a stellar attendance of 97,92%!
  • The average attendance goes down every month, starting at 37.5% in september and down to 20% in January. It went back up a little bit in February, at 23.6%
  • Mischa was only present in September (before his leave of absence), but at that time he trained in Almere as well so his attendance was 137.5%.


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