Season 2014-2015

Dear Kenshi,

The new kendo season is on our doorstep! RSJ-dojo Amstelveen starts Tuesday, August 19th.

Please review the agenda on our website for all kendo activities and the training days/hours.

Progress and objectives:

I believe we must aim for a qualitative development through training with all kendoka. Follow the information on our site for activities such as participating in tournaments and seminars.

The Yudansha of our dojo must be reinforced! Through more attention to kendoka with bogu the kendo-quallity of our kenshi should be increased. I will realize this by coordinating the practice on traditional training forms. To achieve this I have a couple expectations. For example your guarantee for the continuation of your kendo training through training forms and participation in training. From members it is expected that they attend a minimum of three sessions per month!! If you cannot live up to this, you should discuss the matter with me. The initiative for this consultation lies with you.

In previous years Renshinjuku became more of a sport club. This should be changed back to a Budo-club!!

There should be more respect for teachers. Latecomers are not allowed to join in training unless dispensed by the sensei.

Renshinjuku is a kendo dojo where kendoka are given the possibility to come and train and develop their character. I want to do this with active members, not with sponsors; i.e.: members who only pay contribution, but do not come to the dojo for kendo practice. I would rather have a small club with many devotees….

We will also give more attention to training forms for Yudansha. For this I have already prepared a program.
Remind yourself of your personal aim this season in kendo and train accordingly.

For myself I have planned to teach more intensively, among other means by training more and to interfere less with the organization of our club. A number of tasks of the organization can be and are delegated to members.

Inform yourself on the activities you would like to take part in through the agenda on our website.

Anyway, I am entirely ready for the coming season; my shinai have been sharpened and oiled, my hakama and keigogi washed and brushed, and my bogu polished. I am now ready to meet you on the other end of my shinai.

Bert Heeren sensei
Renshi 6th dan kendo

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