NK Kendo results

Last Sunday the dutch championships kendo were held. Unfortunately there were not enough youths to run the juniors tourney, so we’re hoping for next year. We did have a record-setting enrollment of 66 men and 11 ladies in the NK, so it turned out to be a long and exciting day!

NK Ladies:

1. Marije Wouters (Amsterdam Museido)
2. Fleur Smout (?)
3. Kiwa Miyahara (Amstelveen Renshinjuku)
3. Letisja Henderson (?)

NK Gentlemen:

1. Joeri van den Burgh (Rotterdam Fumetsu)
2. Ran Miyahara Amstelveen (Renshinjuku)
3. Makoto van der Woude (Amstelveen Renshinjuku)
3. Jouke van der Woude (Amstelveen Renshinjuku)

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