Let’s do repairs!

RSJ-SplintersI recently found myself inspired by Bunpei Yorifuji’s famous “Please do it…” campaign posters promoting etiquette in the Tokyo subway. They are catchy, they’re a bit funny and they manage to drive home a message clearly.

What if“, I thought, “we applied the same design esthetic and message to kendo?“. Thus work has started on a kendo-centric set of “Please do it…” posters. First up, based on last weekend’s shinai inspection, is a poster about maintenance. It is everybody’s duty to ensure their equipment is safe and that no harm can be done to your fellow kendoka. Loose splinters on shinai may pierce somebody’s eye!

The Japanese sentences were made using JEDict and Google Translate, so I’m sure they’re full of mistakes. Please correct me!

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  1. Cute! Really love the design. I’d probably change the Japanese to something like this:

    Please check your shinai

    Please remove splinters from your shinai

    More please!

    – George

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