Iijima/Spring Cup report

First off, here’s the gallery with photographs courtesy of Roelof-sensei.

Unfortunately none of our members managed to snag a winning position in the individual tournaments. Highest placed Renshinjuku kendoka was Jeroen van Nigtevecht who came in fourth. The winning kendoka were:

1. Wesley Haeke
2. Werner Karnadi
3. Peter d’Hont
3. Geert van Dort
FS. Rachid Karraz

In the teams competition a Renshinjuku team managed to score third place. The results are:

1. Fumetsu Giants +1 (Joeri van de Burgh, Werner Karnadi, Kasimir)
2. Museido 3 (Marije Wouters, Rachid Karraz, Kerstin Binder)
3. Renkoma (Kiwa Miyahara, Kensaku Maemoto, Nienke Jaarsma)
3. Fumetsu Snakes (Seekee Chung, Jay Jay Mast, Rik Nieuwenhuijzen)


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