House rules & etiquette

A few days ago Machi sensei reminded us of some etiquettes and manners at our dojo. Please read and learn them.

1. Be on time for the training.

Make sure that your bogu, keikogi and shinai are properly prepared so keiko can start on time. On Saturdays we clean the floor before the training and it would be desirable to be changed in your kendogi 10 minutes before the practice starts. Especially the children have to be on time for cleaning.


2. Keep the doors of the changing rooms open during the keiko.

This is to keep an eye on our belongings and to prevent unknown/unwanted persons entering the rooms. The last person that leaves the changing room should leave the door open.


3. Do not bring your bogu bags into the dojo (this is an exception for Roelof sensei).

If you must bring in your bogu bag, place it in the storage area used for gymnastics. Also, do not lay your shinai bag down on the bench or the floor. There will be no room on the bench for people who come to watch the keiko and on the floor people can trip over it. Make sure your things are not in the way of someone.


4. Bring your own tape.

There is tape in the first aid kit but that is expensive and for emergencies only. People who get blisters easily should bring their own tape.


5. Be careful not to forget your belongings at the dojo.

In the dojo at Oostelijk Halfrond where we practice on Tuesdays, there is no locker for RSJ. In the dojo at Zeelandiahoeve where we practice on Saturdays, there is no more room in the locker that we have. Therefore someone has to take forgotten items home and bring them the next training. It is highly unconvenient and you have to pay attention not to forget anything when going home.


Please look after each other and correct the kendoka sitting on your right side

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