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Dear kenshi,

Please be aware that the dojo will be closed on 25/12, 29/12 and 01/01. Saturday 22/12 will be the last training of 2012 in Amstelveen. Almere’s last training was on the 15th, so they’re closed an additional week.

We will commence training on saturday 05/01.

In the mean time, we advise that all students make good use of this spare time, to do maintenance on their equipment! We don’t want to see splintered or damaged shinai in January!

Beste kenshi,

Helaas is onze dojo gedurende de feestdagen gesloten. Op 25/12, 29/12 en 01/01 is er geen training. Zaterdag 22/12 is de laatste training van het jaar in Amstelveen. In Almere is de laatste les al geweest, op de 15e.

We hervatten de training weer op zaterdag 05/01.

We raden alle leerlingen aan om tijdens hun vrije tijd hun shinai te onderhouden. We willen in januari geen splinters zien!

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