New Season has started (Second half 2019)

On 31st August, our famous buffet party gave a special atmosphere for the new start as well as the farewell of Inokuchi-sensei.

We thank for Inokuchi-sensei’s commitment to Renshinjuku for last 4 years and promised him to continue Kendo to see him again.

A new season has started at Renshinjuku with a different Keiko style!  There are always many challenges at the beginning but let’s work together for further evolvement of Renshinjuku. Your commitment and cooperation are always precious and welcome!

[:en]26th Kojika cup[:nl]26e Kojika-beker[:]

[:en]3 kids from Renshinjuku joined 26th Kojika cup. Each did their best and they are very much motivated to win in the next tournament.

Thank you for your support, Machi sensei, Inokuchi sensei and Marikosensei. Also we appreciate so much all members of Renshinjuku for your warm and kind support during Keiko. Without you, they even could not join the tournament!

[:nl]3 kinderen uit Renshinjuku deden mee aan de 26e Kojika-beker. Elk deed hun best en ze zijn erg gemotiveerd om te winnen in het volgende toernooi.

Bedankt voor je steun, Machi  sensei, Inokuchi sensei en Mariko sensei. We waarderen ook alle leden van Renshinjuku voor je warme en vriendelijke steun tijdens Keiko. Zonder jullie konden ze zelfs niet meedoen aan het toernooi.


[:en]9th Godo Keikokai 2018[:]


On 20th and 21th January 2018, Renshinjuku kids together with Machi sensei and Machiko-san joined the 9th Godo Keikokai 2018!


Many kids from many countries joined this keiko and trained together for 2 days. They enjoyed the Kihon geiko in different ways. With many sensei’s they were fortunate to get a lot of advice.

Throughout the training, they were asked to make a pair with kids from different dojo which helped them to get to know other Kendo Kids.
It is not so often to have such opportunity for the children, but we will try to find and attend this kind of European (or Dutch) training actively.  See you in Keiko again!