Founded in 1988 by Bert Heeren, Renshinjuku kendo dojo (錬心塾剣道) has grown to be one of the Netherlands’ largest dojo for “the way of the sword”.

While training in Japan, Bert Heeren was asked by Isao Furuya-sensei (古谷勳先生) to start a dojo in the Netherlands. Having been gifted the dojo’s name (which means “Training improves spirit and body”), training soon began in Amstelveen. Now, after more almost twenty five years, Renshinjuku has roughly seventy-five active members.

We have an eclectic mix of students, ranging from recreationally oriented members to competition level kendoka. Our membership is varied: ages range from 7 through 60+, women account for ~25% of our membership and we have many nationalities on board (including plenty of native Japanese).

The Renshinjuku dojo is well known for its good quality kendo and our kendoka are often placed in tournament finals. We pride ourselves on the fact that ALL members are growing through kendo.

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