The new season starts!

Dear excellent kendoka,

Welcome to the new kendo season!

RSJ-dojo Amstelveen starts Tuesday, September 5th, and Saturday, September 9th.

Verify all kendo activities and the training days/hours the agenda on our Internet site:

Progress and appointments:

The Yudansha of our dojo must be reinforced! By giving much/more attention to kendoka with bogu it must be possible to raise the kendo-quality of our kendoka considerably. This I will realize by, among other things, focusing the trainings on traditional training forms. To achieve this a number of requirements must be met. Among others a committment to regular kendo training is necessary, in training forms as well as participation. Of members it is now expected that you train at least three weeks per month!! If you cannot satisfy this requirement, you must discuss this matter with me. The initiative for consultation lies with you!

There must be more respect towards teachers. Latecomers are not allowed to join training, unless dispensated by sensei. Members who didn’t pay contribution to the dojo cannot train!

We will keep attendance.

Renshinjuku is a kendo dojo where kendoka are offered the ability to train and to develop themselves. I want to do this with active members, not with sponsors; i.e.: members who only pay contribution, but do not train. If that leads to a small number of devoted attendants then so be it.

We will also give more attention to training forms for Yudansha.

For this I already have a program ready.

Think for yourself what your personal aim in kendo is this coming season and give note of it during training. For myself I have planned to teach more intensively, among other things by training more and to interfere less with the organization of our club. Therefore a number of tasks of the organization is delegated to members.

Inform yourself of our activities through the agenda on our website and decide in which you want to take part.

Anyway, I am completely ready for the coming season; my shinai have been sharpened and oiled; my hakama & keigogi washed and ironed and my bogu polished. I’m now ready to meet you at the other part of my shinai. GAMBATE!!!


With kind regards,


Bert Heeren sensei

Kendo 6 Dan Renshi

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