Summary of class, 23/10Samenvatting les, 23/10

This summary is for the evening session in Amstelveen.

This training was lead by Fukuyama-sensei and focused a lot on kirikaeshi and self reflection, and less on explanation. Afterwards there was jigeiko as usual to make for a very conventional training (and a subsequently very short summary).

After the warming-up the kihon started right away with kirikaeshi. And afterwards some exercises where you had to decide for yourself how you would do them. The order was as follows:

  • Kirikaeshi
  • single-breath kirikaeshi
  • Men uchi, big or fast, the decision was up to you.
  • Decide amongst 2 other equals what exercise you are going to do.

Fukuyama-sensei likes to add the single-breath kirikaeshi to his trainings because it’s a good way to not only improve your overall technique, but since we have to conduct the entire kirikaeshi with only a single-breath, it also becomes an interval training. He also said that the last stroke was the most important, so your kiai should be the loudest or most intense during that time.

As for the exercises where you could decide the factors for yourself, he said that the point is not to just do the exercise but to really intend to hit your opponent. Especially during the men exercise, it doesn’t matter if you hit your opponent. As long as you hit them the way you want to hit them, making a proper ippon in the process.

During the last kihon exercise, where the object was to come up with your own exercise in groups of 3 of equal level, everybody was doing something else. The group I was in practiced a lot of debana kote and some hiki kote. Since the national championships are just around the corner we conducted the exercises with that in mind, and would comment on it when we felt that the shidachi didn’t score a proper ippon.

Then there was jigeiko after which the training ended.

Volgt later!

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